Alright, alright, so the title of this post “Trump is (right now, as I write this, literally – ACTUALLY) working for Russia (i.e. Putin et al)”, is … at present blush, unsubstantiated.  It is mere supposition.  It is, based on the process of Inductive Reasoning (Inductive reasoning is a logical process in which multiple premises, all believed true or found true most of the time, are combined to obtain a specific conclusion.)  It is a premise which niggles, yes, tickles, at the back of consciousness.  It’s something that when an ordinary, rational American falls asleep at night and drifts into a certain stage of REM sleep, is clearly and obviously factual and that they have at least one dream about but then promptly forget upon waking.  And it’s also something that can never be stated in word or speech in conventional communication by media outlets until or unless Robert Mueller’s FBI investigation conclusively validates such a conclusion supported by unequivocal evidence gathered through deductive reasoning.

So, how am I arriving at my conclusion?  Most clearly and most recently, as a result of Trump’s (hereafter referred to as “The Fool”) recent over-seas “big-boy” trip.  Yes, yes, I’m speaking like a partisan, but hear me out for the content and substance.  The Fool, praised  and acclaimed the Saudis (in and of itself not necessarily a bad thing), but he has done the following diplomatic damage before and after his scripted, high-school-like trip abroad.  Of course, this is highly abridged and only represents a tiny fraction of the actual damage the Fool has and continues to perpetrate for unknown reasons.

  1. ASKS AN ADVERSARY (RUSSIA) TO ATTACK US ON HIS BEHALF 7/27/16: he publicly calls on Russia to hack a former Secretary of State.
  2. WEAKENS U.S. INSTITUTIONS 2/4/16: he publicly degrades the Judicial branch, by calling a Judge “so-called” because he disagreed with a decision, thus weakening the institution of both the Presidency and the Judiciary, ultimately weakening U.S. democratic institutions over-all.
  3. VERBALLY ATTACKS A LONG-TIME ALLY, CANADA 04/25/16: creates a diplomatic row with out most important trading partner
  4. ABUSES HIS POWER AS PRESIDENT TO FIRE A HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF MEMBER 1/30/17 fires the acting attorney general because she defied an Executive Order which was unconstitutional.  The unconstitutionality was later upheld by two separate courts.
  5. ABUSES HIS POWER AGAIN AS PRESIDENT TO FIRE A HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF MEMBER 5/9/17 fires the FBI director, Comey, who is investigating his connection with Russia.
  6. DEGRADES DEMOCRATIC NORMS AND BOLSTERS AN ADVERSARY (RUSSIA) 5/19/17: visits privately with Russian envoy and forbids U.S. media from observing a meeting in the Oval Office where he intentionally passes super secret intelligence to Russia.
  7. PHYSICALLY ATTACKS AN ALLY AND ALLIED DIGNITARY ON A PUBLIC STAGE, 5/25/17: he shoved the prime minister of Montenegro  and NATO leader on a stage
  8. VERBALLY ATTACKS A STRATEGIC ALLY, GERMANY, FOR THE BENEFIT OF RUSSIA. /26/17: he clumsily called the U.S. trading goods with Germany “very bad”
  9. VERBALLY ATTACKS A STRATEGIC ALLY, AGAIN, (GERMANY) FOR THE BENEFIT OF RUSSIA. 5/30/17: he double-downed and called Germany “very bad” a second time

Of course, I could sit here for the next 3 years typing the list of constant affronts to the standing of the United States and cherished norms of civil democratic organized institutions, but doing so would be a waste of both of our times and lives.

It’s obvious that the Fool is acting at the direction, the behest, and at the personal request of Russia and Putin to further Russia’s monetary and political gain (and therefore the Fool’s monetary gain) by sewing long-term political discord and chaos among friends and allies, by breaking alliances where able and by degrading and weakening the United States by attacking checks on his power (firing the checks such as Comey when able to), or verbally accosting them such as the Judiciary and (4th Estate) Media when he’s not able to fire them.  This is not just the Fool being a wily, rough and tumble “American” – this is true, pre-meditated, malicious intent by the Fool.

Now, why would the Fool do this?  Simply .. he’s either been literally brainwashed by an unknown and potent Russian brainwashing weapon, or the Russians drugged him and implanted a radio transceiver and small explosive device in his skull.  Putin is therefore able to directly communicate and transmit messages one-way to the Fool, actually telling him how to behave.

<Putin’s voice sounding clandestinely in the Fool’s head> “Number TK-1004, now shove the minister from Montenegro.. … Excellent… Excellent!”

Of course, if the Fool does not shove the minister from Montenegro and then pick a verbal fight with Germany, Putin will order the explosive in the Fool’s skull be detonated.  Of course, this sounds James Bondian, but then, who was Bond’s arch nemesis classically, if not Russia?

I can’t prove it – I simply know it to be true, like Luke Skywalker knew Darth Vader was his father (yes, I am using the Force).  I hereafter hand the reigns of the deductive portion of this investigation back to Meuller and other public patriots and defenders of the Constitution [of the United States].  Meuller, do your job – we have a true Siberian Candidate on our hands.















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