The Rationalist Dispatch is a blog devoted to discussing perspectives on current events, primarily political (because that’s what’s on my mind these days), but also ranging in topic to the natural environment and society.  While some positions may appear polemical at a surface glance, I attempt to take those positions by grounding my arguments in logic as opposed to mere belief or intuition.

Percaeus Citium was a disciple of the founder of the Greek philosophical tradition, Stoicism, Zeno of Citium.  The Stoics are famous today for their adherence to impassive logic, deeming that feelings and emotions may lead us astray.

In matters of the government of State, the past 20 years have witnessed the ascendancy of strong anti-intellectualism (particularly in American discourse).  Rationalism is the antidote to what has become two parallel monologues (each emotionally demonizing the other).  For it was the Age of Reason (17th century) which gave birth to our nation.  Slipping away from rationalism toward the more seductive emotional “fighting” is human nature.  Rationalism is the clarion call that issues can be discussed and debated on their merits, costs and benefits, not on the person who is proclaiming them (i.e. let’s not focus on the messenger but on the message).

Here, at the Rationalist Dispatch, there is no left and right, no liberal or conservative, no arbitrary labels, whose connotation depends on the whims of talk radio.  Here there is logic, reason, qualitative, and quantitative cost vs. benefit.